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     A Constituent Choir of the Leith Hill Music Festival

The Leith Hill Musical Festival

The Competition Day of the Leith Hill Musical Festival is the focus of Oxshott's choral season. The Festival was established in 1905 by Margaret Vaughan Williams, sister of the famous composer, and Evangeline Farrer, and it's aim now as then is to promote and facilitate choral singing in the villages and towns of Surrey. As well as the Competition, ususally held in April, there is a Singing Day for Youth Choirs, and a performance of either Handel's Messiah or one of the Bach Passions in March, open to all singers.

The music for the competition is chosen by the Music Committee. There are one or sometimes two pieces for Full Chorus, and there are also classes for a madrigal, a partsong, songs for Upper Voices and Lower Voices, and an open class for a piece of the choir's own choosing. Each division of four choirs has a different set of music, and sings on a different day. The competition element of the Leith Hill Musical Festival covers all classes and takes place in the morning. In the afternoon, the friendly rivalry of the competition is put aside for a combined rehearsal, with orchestra, and in the evening a grand concert, when trophies are awarded for the morning's winners. The current Festival conductor is Jonathan Willcocks.

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